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ERP Implementation

At ComputerPlus, we have over 25 years of experience with implementing ERP projects. We leverage the benefits of systems such as SAP, Oracle, and MS Dynamics to generate more value for our clients and their ERP investments. 

Our project implementation philosophy and approach are:

Blueprinting phase.   Work with key business users to gather a detailed list of requirements which will form the basis of the project.

Implementation phase.    Implement changes in small packages that can be reviewed and unit tested by you (agile project approach). This allows the project to stay on track and discrepancies to be identified and resolved more quickly.

Integration Testing.   Test the entire system to ensure everything functions and behaves as intended.

Cutover.   Prepare to turn the new system on.

Go-live.   Start using the new system.

Support.   Our experts remain for a period of time to resolve issues before handing off to your internal support team or migrating to our managed support services.  

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Project Management

ComputerPlus advises the use of Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies but can also work with any other project management methodology you desire. 

What is Agile? 

Agile is a project methodology and approach that is derived using Lean thinking. Agile projects apply “Lean” concepts in the information technology environment.  

What is Waterfall? 

Waterfall project management entails mapping out a project into distinct, sequential phases, with each new phase beginning only when the prior phase has been completed.  

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Custom Development

At ComputerPlus, we have programmers with knowledge of a variety of different coding languages. Whether you need development for .NET, C, Java, SAP ABAP, SAP Fiori, or some other programming environment, we have the experts who can help your development project be successful.  

We can provide you with one or more programmers who have the experience in the language you are looking for, and can work alone or with your internal team.  

Our project managers are experts at managing custom development projects. They can assist your in-house project manager to build up a feasible plan, track schedule and budget, and manage scope to deliver on-time and without cost overruns.  

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Application Enhancements

Business does not stand still and neither should your applications. Over time, new functionality may be required in your ERP system or custom software development, and ComputerPlus can help you identify what is to be done, how best to implement the changes, and then make those changes. 

Application enhancement can have multiple dimensions; thus, it is necessary to carefully analyze the impact of an enhancement on both functional and technical dimensions as well as on overall organization operations. For some organizations, application enhancement is additional functionality geared towards increased efficiency and realizing more business value from investment. For others, it means a necessary building block to expand into whole new functional areas. To meet your organizational goals and strategies, we will work with you to provide: 

  • accurate estimates of the required costs and efforts 

  • project planning 

  • possible downtime and the impact on other systems 

  • in-depth understanding of the road map, architecture, and technological impact of the enhancement 

We strive to provide our clients a complete picture of the required transitional services and operational support services.  

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Business Intelligence

Every business requires actionable data to operate, thrive, and expand. ComputerPlus can assist with choosing the correct BI system for your needs, as well as designing reports, KPIs, and dashboards that make the information you need easily accessible.  

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Business Processes

Even the best run businesses do not have perfect business processes. ComputerPlus has experts in different areas of business. Their experience can help you determine what needs to be changed and how to change your business processes to maximize the potential of your company.    

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Staff Augmentation

You can rely on ComputerPlus team of experts to fill in wherever you need. Whether you need extra team members or specialized knowledge for a project, or need temporary assistance with support, we can help. 

ComputerPlus has a large network of creative and collaborative consultants across all industries and lines of business to bridge the knowledge or skills gaps in your organization or to complement your current in-house team. Right resource augmentation can accelerate solution formulation and implementation time frame for business challenges; hence, streamlining overall organizational goals and improve the return on investment in shortest possible time.  

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Managed IT Services

Building a team of support experts can be challenging, and once the team is built, you need to retain them. ComputerPlus already has a team of experts, so we can provide support for your systems and applications.   

Outsourcing your SAP system support to ComputerPlus offers several advantages.  

  • No need to find, train, and retain your own support staff  

  • Reduce salary and overhead costs of maintaining your own staff  

  • Share costs of support with other employers  

  • Assurance that support staff is highly skilled in SAP with a wide variety of different experience  

  • Flexibility to respond to peaks and valleys in support requirement hours 

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A properly trained workforce is key to achieving your business goals. ComputerPlus can offer training for SAP and Winshuttle software packages.

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