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Winshuttle, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Usability Company, provides business users with software products that work with SAP directly from interfaces they are familiar with such as Excel and Web forms without any programming needed. Its usability solutions speed up SAP user transactions, reduce employee and contractor costs and increase available strategic resources.

Winshuttle enables both business and IT users to solve SAP solution-based data or business process challenges. Its components replace manual data entry and complex technical tools. They can be used when implemented and in post production projects such as SAP data entry, SAP data import, SAP data quality and SAP data integration. Below is a list of its various modules.

STUDIO helps business users and IT create solutions for SAP-focused business processes. The Winshuttle Studio is a great starting tool for non-technical users that is both efficient and cost-effective. It allows you to access SAP from familiar interfaces like Microsoft Excel, PDFs and HTML. No programming is necessary as it includes automated business processes. Rather than purchase individual features, Winshuttle STUDIO provides an all-in-one package.

STUDIO facilitates SAP data entry and modification. Companies can use forms like Excel, PDF, Web, and InfoPath to change information. It also makes possible the use of batched SAP processes such as mass record, create, or change. Users are no longer limited to SAP transaction-based recording. With STUDIO, they can now implement scripts that use SAP BAPI capability.

Key Features:

  • Supports simple and complex scenario building
  • Allows high performance SAP data creation, extraction, and update
  • Scalability capability from single user to project use
  • SOX compliant security
  • Works with standard Microsoft and SAP systems
  • SAP Certified

The Winshuttle STUDIO suite is an integrated package of four distinct applications:

1. Winshuttle TRANSACTION
2. Winshuttle QUERY
3. Winshuttle FORMS
4. Winshuttle DIRECT .

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy licensing process
  • User-friendly all-in-one installation wizard.
  • Easily used by business users and IT Professionals
  • Supports automated manual data entry and maintenance tasks
  • Intuitive interface allows quick solution development
  • Works with SAP and Microsoft Excel
  • Requires little or no software coding
TRANSACTION simplifies the automated process of SAP data loading and extraction. It is a convenient, time-saving, and manageable data-entry tool that facilities the movement of important information. Winshuttle TRANSACTION produces consistent and accurate data in your SAP system, which leads to efficient and profitable businesses.  

TRANSACTION transforms business processes for both implementation and post production projects (including SAP data import, SAP data entry, SAP data quality and SAP data integration). Using Excel and Access to automatically upload or download SAP ERP is made simple with this product.

Key Features:

  • Record, Map and Run Wizard
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Batch, Non-batch (Enjoy) or GUI modes
  • Use of SAP BAPIsAutomatic Data Backup
  • Logical Branches
  • Looping
  • Real-time Uploading
  • Preserves SAP Security
  • Chaining
  • Advanced Error Management

How it Works
To the SAP Business Suite, TRANSACTION allows quick automated data loading. To the user: it involves three easy steps:       1.Record 2. Map 3. Run

Winshuttle TRANSACTION records the steps that a user takes to complete any SAP transaction. It then maps the relevant SAP fields to an Excel spreadsheet, thus creating a SHUTTLE file or transaction template. This template can move data between Excel and SAP while simultaneously automating any process and using built-in SAP security and authorization features. TRANSACTION can also create a web service based on a recorded transaction.

Three Options are Available
1) Full Transaction
2) Run-Only Version
3) Create Web Services (based on transaction recordings and build forms tools like Winshuttle FORMS).

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to learn and simple to use. Non-technical users can upload data and set up scripts
  • Work directly from Excel or other familiar applications
  • Takes focus off programming: allowing IT resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives
  • Maximizes opportunities for automated SAP data entry
  • Improves SAP data quality
  • Existing SAP data is automatically backed-up before data is changed
  • Can record any SAP transaction
  • Able to link multiple uploads when running multiple transactions in a specific order
  • Guarantees control and security: data errors data are immediately flagged in the Excel file

QUERY is a SAP extraction and analysis tool that allows users to safely take existing data from the SAP transactional system and place it into Microsoft Excel, Access, and other formats, for immediate analysis, action and reporting. QUERY is useful for both developers and business users. It allows them to easily create, distribute, and maintain queries with very little performance impact on the SAP server.

Key Features:

  • Easy to learn and use with a point and click interface
  • Powerful SOX-compliant
  • Provides SAP Query (SQ01/02/03), Quick Viewers (SQVI), and Table Browser (SE16)-like functionality
  • Support for SAP Tables, Infosets, and Logical Databases
  • Offline scheduling for queries
  • Support for MS SQL Server, Excel, Access and XML
  • Fast extraction performance
  • Online query template library
  • Winshuttle CENTRAL integration: governance, control, and centralized administration of users and licenses

How it Works

QUERY uses three simple steps to complete the SAP data extraction process:

1. SELECT: The user defines the query by SELECTING tables from the Data dictionary

2. MAP: The chosen SAP fields in the query are MAPPED to the output template

3. RUN: The user RUNS the query and can specify parameters, such as a specific plant number or date range. The matching rows of data are then downloaded.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces IT resource costs for ad-hoc data extracts and analysis
  • Easy and secure operational SAP queries and reporting
  • Improves business decision making through creation and analysis of ad-hoc queries and reports of real time transactional SAP Data
  • Provides resources for business users to manager their own data.
  • Measures corporate performance
  • Prototypes steady-state BI reports
  • Removes data into familiar BI tools for further analysis
  • Maintains table and organizational-level security
  • Minimizes the performance impact of queries on SAP server
  • Flexible and powerful with multi-table extracts

FORMS allows business users to create PDF and HTML online forms for SAP processes. FORMS is unique to other solutions; it provides non-technical users with a secure way to create forms-driven processes on top of their existing SAP application.
Winshuttle FORMS eliminates the programming, operation, and cost that usually come with forms. Instead, it facilitates business users’ ability to create forms that work jointly with suppliers, customers, and partners and meet security standards without requiring in-depth knowledge of SAP. The result? Companies can simultaneously better the experience of the SAP end-user while improving business efficiencies.
Web services created by Winshuttle STUDIO are also securely leveraged by FORMS.

Key Features:

  • Drag/drop controls to create forms
  • Winshuttle web-services provide access to SAP data and controls
  • Sophisticated layouts- collapsible sections, tabbed views, multi-column layouts
  • Automatic, sophisticated data validation
  • Business Rules (dynamic forms)
  • Save/Load partially-filled forms
  • Public forms in multiple languages
  • Templatized (dynamic) labels/hint/help
  • Support for PDFs

Winshuttle FORMS connects structured transactional SAP data with unstructured, document-based PDF, HTML and Excel information and processes. Due to this direct interaction, companies will find a reduction in operating costs and a flexible business process (thanks to automation and improved data accuracy). 


Key Benefits:

  • Users can upload their data into SAP with minimal training
  • Non-technical users can easily set up forms and upload data into SAP
  • Prevents unwanted access and use of transactions and data
  • Extends SAP transactions without custom programming
  • Business users can easily automate business processes that include forms, such as maintenance requests, purchase requests, expense reimbursement requests and internal demands
  • Flexible layouts allow users to see real-time results
  • Automatic, sophisticated data validation flags upload errors immediately
DIRECT simplifies SAP Business Application Program Interfaces (BAPI) for business users who may not have a deep technical understand of BAPI functions. It provides users access to all SAP areas and end-users can upload and download information from any SAP component. The Winshuttle DIRECT template allows users to move data between the desktop and SAP.

Due to BAPI capability within the Winshuttle STUDIO™ suite, businesses have consistent automated data entry in their SAP systems. SAP systems are installed with hundreds of BAPI that can move data into and out of SAP. BAPIs facilitate communication between SAP and other systems. BAPI definitions are stored in the SAP system’s Business Object Repository (BOR), and enable customers to perform high performance and complex data functions.

Key Features

  • Business Object Repository (BOR) search capability
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Classify and categorize fields
  • Logical Branching
  • View BAPIs documentation
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Error Management
  • Real Time and scheduled loading
  • Chaining
  • Looping
  • Flexible editing of field selection list
  • Data can be created and updated even if it’s not easily accessed via a SAP GUI transaction
  • Works with SAP security

How it works

There are Four Steps to Leveraging BAPI in SAP.

Thanks to Winshuttle DIRECT, existing SAP functions that are not available with standard SAP transactions and the SAP GUI can now be easily accessed through Excel. DIRECT transforms business data processing in two ways: during SAP project execution and for daily operations in a post go-live environment. DIRECT allows users to import, extract and maintain data reliably.

Key Benefits:

  • Requires no knowledge of ABAP
  • Business users, with minimal training, can leverage BAPIs for loading data
  • Cross-functional applicability to SAP users
  • Supports the staging of data in Microsoft Excel for direct upload to SAP
  • Creates a SHUTTLE file that can act as a template for any SAP business process
  • Technical users can quickly map relevant BAPIs to Excel
  • Secure: cannot be used without valid SAP credentials
  • Desktop integration with SAP is extended beyond the SAP transaction
RUNNER is a run-only version of Query and Transaction that carries out previously created query files from within Excel, allowing business users to get the data they need quickly and easily. It can be a stand-alone application or an Excel add-in.

RUNNER maintains fully-secure data and lessens the impact of queries on SAP system performance. With RUNNER, an authorized user can move data between Excel and SAP using predefined transaction templates (built with Winshuttle TRANSACTION and Winshuttle QUERY). Once the transaction or business process has been recorded and mapped, the RUNNER application takes over. Data errors are immediately identified in the Excel file and can be easily corrected and reprocessed.
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How it Works

RUNNER can be run completely from within Excel (2003 or 2007) or as a desktop application. RUNNER uploads and downloads data using SHUTTLE files (.TxR and QsQ) paired with an Excel template. This allows for easy data extraction from EXCEL in a secure manner without being a SAP expert.



With RUNNER, only authorized users can access SAP data, thus complying with SOX data management. RUNNER ensures SAP security through:

·   Requiring SAP-issued login information 
·   Using all internal SAP security profiles and audit trails
·   Limiting the creation and modification of recordings and mappings

Key Benefits:

  • Can be run from within Excel; requires no knowledge of SAP
  • Business users can upload and download their own data from Excel
  • Real time error management
  • Errors in the data are immediately flagged and can be easily corrected and reprocessed
  • Preserves SAP security
  • Protects transactions and data from unwanted access and use
  • Can run any of SAPs 20,000+ transactions without writing code
  • Existing SAP data is backed-up
  • Large data downloads are not timed out when operating outside of SAP
  • Maintains SAP performance by minimizing query effects on system
  • Works with many business intelligence and analytics tools
  • Provides merged views and dashboards of key metrics
SERVER is the runtime engine that organizations use to automate SAP processes throughout an entire enterprise. It also allows more people to work with SAP. For those not trained in the SAP GUI, they can still use SAP business processes through the use of forms (web-based, Excel, pdf, etc) and server-based execution.

Winshuttle SERVER performs simple SAP processes, created by Winshuttle STUDIO, enterprise-wide.  Winshuttle CENTRAL controls the management and organization of these SAP usability solutions. Winshuttle SERVER also leverages Microsoft technology for server-based execution of vital Winshuttle processes.

What is Included

Winshuttle SERVER contains three separate service packages:

  1. TRANSACTION SERVICES: Enables server-side execution of processes created by Winshuttle TRANSACTION. These processes are represented as web-services that can be used by front-ends functions, such as forms and workflow applications.
  2. QUERY SERVICES: Enables server-side execution of processes created by Winshuttle QUERY. Large queries can be scheduled or run on the server and SAP data can be transferred to SQL Server.
  3. FORMS SERVICES: This is the engine where Winshuttle’s HTML Forms are published and carried out.
CENTRAL is a complete Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC) management system for Winshuttle products. This centralized system provides businesses with visibility and control of Winshuttle solutions. This allows companies to share files and optimal practices among various departments, while simultaneously meeting SOX and corporate governance policies through the use of required controls and audit trails.

To improve GRC, CENTRAL allows complete traceability of both data entry into SAP and data downloading from SAP. Its collaborative framework facilitates enterprises’ use of Winshuttle products. 

Key Features:

  • Centralized administration of Winshuttle users and licenses
  • File sharing, collaboration and version control
  • Workflow management
  • Activity dashboard and centralized reporting
  • Usage policies for TRANSACTION and QUERY
  • Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration

How it Works

CENTRAL provides ideal integration and control between Winshuttle, SAP and Microsoft products. Winshuttle CENTRAL uses the standard SAP controls and security. On top of that, it provides additional governance and control for the interaction of Winshuttle's products with the SAP Business Suite. This function is supplied through Microsoft SharePoint WSS framework, which provides Microsoft technologies with native integration including Active Directory, Excel, and Access.

Winshuttle CENTRAL is a Web-based application hosted behind the company firewall. It leverages Microsoft technologies, including:

  • IIS
  • Window Server
  • .NET
  • SharePoint

Key Benefits:

  • IT can easily control Winshuttle user access to SAP
  • Centralized repository for TRANSACION, QUERY, SHUTTLE and data
  • Provides full traceability and ROI analysis through complete logging of all Winshuttle users’ uploaded records and total saved time
  • Centralized file distribution adds governance to all Winshuttle-based processes
  • Works with IT systems already in place in most organizations