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  • MS Office
  • SAP

MS Office is by far the most popular business software out there. But like most software packages, there are so many options that it is not possible to learn all of them without some help.

ComputerPlus offers courses for beginner through advanced users of MS Office software and in all the MS Office applications. Learn how to improve efficiency with Excel macros, how to create an Access database, or how to use Powerpoint effectively.

Our courses can be delivered at your location, at our office, or at third-party locations worldwide.

Here is a small sample of the courses we offer:

MS Word Introduction
MS Word Intermediate
MS Word Advanced
MS Access Introduction
MS Access Intermediate
MS Access Advanced

For more information on MS Office training, please contact us.

No matter how much you know about SAP, there is always something new to learn. ComputerPlus can train SAP users and analysts in all areas of SAP. Learn how to enter sales orders, configure different options in SAP, create queries, find information in tables, and many other useful functions. We also offer technical training for ABAP, NetWeaver, and other areas of SAP.

Training can be provided at your location, at our office, or at other third-party locations around the world. ComputerPlus can offer generic courses or courses tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here is a small sample of the courses we offer:

Overview of Sales and Distribution
Sales and Distribution for Customer Service
Sales and Distribution for Warehousing
Configuration of Pricing in Sales and Distribution
Overview of Materials Management

For more information about SAP training, please feel free to contact us.