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Cott Beverages Excel Macro
Cott Beverages were manually creating JIT delivery schedules based on a production schedule. By linking the production schedule and delivery schedule through an Excel macro, this process was reduced from two hours of manual work to a less than one minute automated process. This allowed the purchasing personnel to concentrate on working with vendors to reduce costs and increase the company's profit margin.
Cott Beverages Inventory System
Cott Beverages tracked inventory in a multi-page spreadsheet that was distributed to different users. The information from this spreadsheet was then re-keyed by users to generate their own reports. ComputerPlus created an Access inventory tracking system that generated reports in different formats and eliminated the wasted effort of keying the data multiple times and the associated errors with this multiple data entry process. This system eventually grew to include shipping, receiving, and production reporting and was in use until Cott Beverages implemented SAP.
Cott Beverages SAP Implementation
ComputerPlus assisted Cott Beverages with their SAP implementation. This included providing user support for one year after the system was live.
Siemens SAP Implementation
ComputerPlus took part in the SAP implementation for Siemens in the UK. This was a multi-phase project to roll SAP out to five different divisions over an 18-month period.
Canac Kitchens SAP Implementation
ComputerPlus was retained to provide assistance with a variant configuration rollout at Canac Kitchens. This was a particularly challenging assignment since most of the company was not computerized and almost all the necessary information was undocumented.
Corning Cable Systems SAP Implementation
ComputerPlus was brought in by Accenture to assist with the SAP implementation at Corning Cable Systems (CCS) in the United States. Once the main project was complete, ComputerPlus was retained by CCS to roll out variant configuration in North America. ComputerPlus was again retained to assist CCS with a variant configuration rollout in Europe, as well as a pricing rollout in North America.
Johnson Controls SAP VC Implementation
ComputerPlus was retained to assist with a variant configuration impementation within SAP at their facility in the United States. ComputerPlus also assisted with the project management of a move of product from a location using a legacy system to a new location, plus the setup of variant configuration for the product, in a six week project.
Sandvine SAP Implementation
ComputerPlus was hired by Systech Consulting to take part part in the SAP impementation at Sandvine in Canada. After the main rollout, ComputerPlus remained to take part in extended support of the live SAP system.