Winshuttle Query

Why use it?

One of the top challenges reported by SAP end-users is the lack of easy access to real-time SAP data. The ability to easily extract and analyze SAP transactional data is critical not only for your operational and tactical reporting, but also for making business decisions.

Winshuttle Query™ is an SAP data extraction and analysis tool that allows you to extract live application data from SAP into Microsoft Office™ and other common formats for immediate use.

SAP query field and lookup attributes

What can it do?

Query allows you to:

  • Define queries against SAP systems based on single tables, joined tables, infosets or logical databases
  • Enhance queries with data translation and conversion as part of the extraction routine
  • Define and deploy templates for data extraction for specific functions or modules
  • Easily identify data structures based on TCodes or Functional Modules
  • Define selection criteria to reduce and constrain the size and characteristics of extracted data
  • Identify fields, tables and relationships between tables and fields based on common characteristics
  • Extract data in a preferred layout directly to Microsoft Office
  • Extract data in a preferred layout directly to SharePoint or an SQL database when used with Foundation
  • Only access data and tables that are permitted according to organizational-level and SAP authorizations
  • Execute queries without slowing SAP system performance for other users
  • Schedule unattended data downloads and receive email notifications upon completion

Utilize Winshuttle Runner for Query as a run-only version of Query and Transaction to execute previously defined and published query files from within Excel. This allows you to quickly and easily get the data you need. Winshuttle Runner respects the data security of SAP and minimizes the impact of queries on the SAP system performance for other users.

Query main page

Setting up Query execution scheduling

How does it work?

Query enables you to extract live SAP data in a simple three-step process:

  • Select: Allows you to define a custom query from a pre-built template or from scratch by specifying the data source, selection criteria, and output fields. Once this is finished you can save the query file as a portable object that can be used by Winshuttle users with the appropriate license and access.
  • Map: You can map the chosen SAP fields to an output template: Excel, Access, SharePoint list, SQL database, or form fields, and then format the template as desired with a simple drag-and-drop operation.
  • Run: After creating the query file and establishing the layout of the output, you can run the report immediately, share the query and template with another user or schedule the query to run later. If you’re a Runner or Query user, you can also use the query file embedded in an Excel file to extract from within Microsoft Office.

For data extraction, Query not only respects the standard table-level security in SAP, but also enforces organization-level (plant-level, company-code level, etc.) security that is present in your standard SAP security profile.

Organization-level security is fully customizable and is one of the unique features of Query, in comparison to standard SAP query tools.

Query avoids the erosion of SAP performance by minimizing the effect that queries have on your SAP system, depending on the resources available. Winshuttle’s patented Adaptive Query Throttling™ technology dynamically optimizes the execution of Winshuttle queries, based on the existing load on the SAP system and configurable criteria.

Winshuttle Query


If a Tcode is not listed with its associated tables, can I add my own?

    Yes, Winshuttle Query allows you to add and publish your own list of favorites to the Data Dictionary.

Does Query work with custom tables?

    Yes. Query works with custom tables and custom fields within a standard table.

Apart from the standard SAP security and additional organizational-level security that Query provides, can I restrict the use of the tool in our SAP landscape?

    Yes. Query integrates with Winshuttle Foundation’s Governance platform which provides tools for administrators to implement additional governance and workflow.

Can Query extract data from structures?

    No. Structures do not contain table data and therefore cannot be queried.

How does Query compare to BW?

    Query provides direct access to real-time SAP data without the need for technical knowledge to set it up or use it. Winshuttle’s Query implementation is much faster and less costly.

I am unable to use SQVI to extract data for over 1 million records, can Query help?

    Yes. Query is not limited to querying a set number of records, which allows you to extract complete data sets all at once.

Can I query data from Cluster and Pool tables?

    Yes, certain tables like payroll tables are encrypted, but most cluster and pool tables can be used with Query.

Can I create joins between normal tables and Cluster or Pool tables?


With Query companies can: