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  • What is IBIS?
  • Why choose IBIS?
  • What can IBIS do for me?
IBIS stands for Integrated Business Information System and is an ERP system developed by ComputerPlus. It can help you integrate your sales, purchasing, production, warehousing, finance, and CRM processes into one software package. But you do not have to use all of our software. You can choose only the portions you require, such as warehousing for third-party warehouses. You can also integrate our system with your existing software for even greater flexibility.

IBIS is written in .NET and can support a wide variety of database formats, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and Access.

For more information about IBIS, please feel free to contact us.

With IBIS, you are not tied to a single database format that must be used. You can choose between different systems such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or Access. If you already own a database system, why should you have to purchase and support another one?

IBIS is an easy to use system that does not require a lot of modification to set up. It does not require specialized personnel to implement or to maintain IBIS, and you can have it up and running almost immediately after your purchase.

IBIS is designed to fulfill the majority of your needs, but ComputerPlus understands that there are times when customers need more specialized software or wish to retain their existing software in some areas. For this reason, we made it easy to export data from IBIS to import into other systems.

As much as we try to put everything into IBIS, there are times when the software does not do everything they way you want. The system can be easily modified without compromising your ability to easily upgrade IBIS as new versions are released.

If you would like to learn more about why your business should choose IBIS, please feel free to contact us.

Improve Efficiency
If you are currently using software that is not integrated throughout your business, you can recognize substantial gains from using IBIS. You can see a reduction in the time that it takes to complete a process from beginning to end, a reduction in errors due to multiple entry of the same data info different systems, and a reduction in calls between departments to verify information.

Improve Consistency
One system means one set of data. Materials can share the same description and attributes, no matter which area of the business uses them. Customers are consistent between sales and finance. Production data is consistent, no matter which shift is performing the work. Improved consistency also means improved efficiency and improved ability to communicate information throughout your business.

Reduce Unnecessary Communication
Communication is great when it serves a useful purpose. But why should your sales personnel waste time contacting the warehouse to request a shipment be expedited? Why should finance waste time contacting sales to determine exactly what was sold? IBIS can reduce these kinds of unnecessary communication and allow your employees to concentrate on more important communications.

If you would like to learn more about what IBIS can do for your business, please feel free to contact us.