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Documenting a Variant configuration (VC) model in SAP can be difficult. You can write custom queries or programs to extract the VC data from SAP, or you can look at the model using SAP's tools. Both of these approaches are time consuming and are not guaranteed to give the results you want.

Even once you manage to document the model, there are governance, comparison and documentation of model changes, and other issues to be addressed.

eSpline has developed a tool that allows you to:
  • Extract VC and IPC Models outside of SAP
  • Compare two models for changes
  • View VC or IPC Models
  • Perform automated Health Checks to find errors
  • Document models
  • Collaborate with Team members about changes
  • Test the changes
  • Approve changes
  • Upload the model to a QA instance.
  • You may do this today, but not in one application or you do it in a SAP production instance. 

    During these economic times, you have to leverage what resources you have.  Managing your SAP VC and IPC model changes is a challenge with limited resources.  Until now, there are only manual solutions available.

    You will now have better control and governance because we track every change to your SAP VC and IPC product models and that will result in improved quality.

    eSpline offers a solution that will improve the change process and increase the quality of VC models at the same time and shorten the time by as much as 40% that it takes to get a change to production.