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Toronto, ON – November 20, 2009 –ComputerPlus, a consulting firm specializing in ERP systems, today announced a partnership with eSpline, a software development and SAP configuration technology consulting organization. This partnership will allow ComputerPlus to introduce its SAP customers to eSpline's Avenue Portal offering for variant configuration. The agreement will also allow eSpline and ComputerPlus to share personnel on each other's projects.

“ComputerPlus is very excited to be able to introduce our customers to eSpline's services”, said David Gebhardt, President of ComputerPlus. “eSpline's services will complement the offerings of ComputerPlus and allow us to provide even better solutions to our customers.”

The eSpline Avenue Portal has a SaaS suite of software tools (Managing VC) that provides the SAP customer Variant Configurator (VC) team the ability to quickly identify all model changes, monitor the change and testing activity, collaborate with other team members on the changes, approve the changes and document the Variant Configurator model logic.  “Avenue Portal adds a governance to the SAP VC change process that has not been available before and removes the ‘hit or miss processes’ prevalent today”, said Don Cochran, eSpline, VP Sales and Business Development. 

“Skilled SAP Variant Configurator expertise with customer experience like ComputerPlus consultants have is hard to find” said Daniel Naus, eSpline COO. “We recognize their expertise and welcome them to our partner network of VC professionals.  Adding experience like this only strengthens our alliance of VC professionals and in the end, the SAP customer benefits”.

About eSpline
eSpline is a software development and SAP configuration technology consulting organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio USA, specializing in implementation and deployment of SAP product configuration technology for complex products and services oriented businesses using SAP as its core business application. eSpline also specializes in developing integration software to and from SAP, and software tools to optimize the use of the SAP Variant Configurator [VC] and Internet Pricing & Configurator [IPC].

eSpline is one of a few premier configuration specific organizations that have consultants with working knowledge of all the available SAP configurator applications. For more information visit http://www.espline.com or call +1-614-442-3977.

About ComputerPlus
ComputerPlus, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in ERP systems. ComputerPlus offers its own ERP system, IBIS, as well as services for SAP, Oracle, and other leading ERP software systems. ComputerPlus offers services such as implementation, programming, training, and business process design.

ComputerPlus is based in Toronto, Ontario. For more information visit http://computerplus.ca or call +1-877-226-1488.

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