Avenue Managing VC

For the first time a SAP VC, IPC or now SSC user has modeling tools to help improve the quality of the VC product model and improve productivity including:

  1. Extract VC, IPC or SSC Models outside of SAP
  2. Compare two models and quickly view only the changes
  3. View VC or IPC Models in navigable html and pdf documents
  4. Run an automated Health Check to identify modeling errors and review recommendations for productivity improvements and suggestions for best practice modeling practices helping you attain compliance with your modeling standards
  5. Document product models in navigable PDF and html documents
  6. Collaborate and make comments/annotations within the model where other Team members can track comments and tasks about changes
  7. Assign tasks to other VC Team members and monitor progress of the tasks
  8. View tests for the model with an integration to a VC Model Testing solution
  9. Initiate tests from within the model
  10. Review test results
  11. Approve changes
  12. Upload the model to a SAP QA instance.

Only eSpline’s Avenue Managing VC/SSC can do all of these. There might be separate applications available today, but not in one application. SAP Advanced Mode configurator and SAP CRM models are supported as well.
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